“Social Liason” or “Happy Veteran’s Day”

Jill, I really feel sorry for you.  Really, I do.  I can imagine how difficult this has all been for you.  You’re just like the rest of us.  All you want to do is lead a decent life without having to deal with harassment.

You had no idea who could have been sending you these emails, although it must have been someone who knew you were the “social liaison.”  Perhaps someone who knew you had a vanity plate that said “social liaison.”  Should I call you “Ambassador Kelley?”  Did I just overstep the line of propriety?  Is it a vanity plate?  Perhaps vanity plate is not an appropriate term.  I’ll spend some time thinking about a different term for that piece of metal.

I am sure all of America is proud of the work you do.  Your plate certainly is full.  I can imagine that you must not think there are enough hours in a day with all of your socializing, raising three kids, supporting your twin sister, talking to your friend at the FBI, throwing parties for top foreign brass, being a good wife, liasioning, washing all the plates in your mansion, getting topless photos from your friend at the FBI, sending a few thousand sweetheart emails to our top brass in Afghanistan, going out to dinner, buying the designer dresses a fashion plate deserves, asking top members of the military to help your sister keep her kids, keeping up with all the important events in Tampa, getting your nails done, and supporting our troops. Then this former military wench wannabe writer and top-spy-brass-knob-polisher anonymously insinuates you did something wrong. It’s disturbing and distracting. It would definitely interfere in my unpaid liasioning, too.

I mean, who does she think she is?

I feel your discomfort.  I am sure most of the country feels this whole situation is very unfamiliar and sympathizes.


About The Messiah

כ״ו בְּסִיוָן תשכ״ג
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