I Don’t Get It

The Galactic Center as seen by one of the 2MAS...

The Galactic Center as seen by one of the 2MASS infrared telescopes, is located in the bright upper left portion of the image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2009, I had a vision I described in this blog.  This was incredibly disturbing because I had believed, since a very early age, this was the very thing my existence was dedicated to averting.  Considering all I had been a part of in the 1990’s, I had every reason to believe everything was going to be alright.  But since this vision, I have to believe The End is inevitable. 

I had alluded to this in 2006, what I called “Prophetic Convergence”, where the prophecy of The End in all the different faiths and paths throughout the history of world, would come true.  However, it is one thing to describe such a thing hypothetically; it has been far different to receive this message myself and be another prophet in this convergence.

For the last few years, it has had an effect on me.  I believe in this message as much as I can believe in anything.  I have had to deal with many mundane things the last three years, but I have done nothing that other people think I should do with my life because I have resigned myself to the inevitable.

Now, I must express, that I don’t get it.  As I interpreted it, the end is right around the corner.  Before the end of the year, despite all of my efforts, what we all take for granted will cease to be.  But here is what confounds me: my understanding of this vision is that there should have been tremendous upheaval, physically speaking, throughout the world by now.  The type of events and phenomena no one would be able to ignore.  However, what I do see happening in every corner of the Earth, is things seemingly going on in the relatively normal pattern that has persisted for decades.

I cannot explain why…

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