The Oregon Ducks are out of control

I have always been a person that supports creativity.  I am also a person that supports tradition and classics.  I am a big fan of college football.  I have to cry fowl at the Oregon Ducks football team because they have apparently lost all sensibility with their football uniforms.


2010 Oregon Ducks football team

This is no small matter in the world.  What makes their trend-setting approach to football attire so disconcerting is that is has influenced teams throughout the nation.  They all want to be noticed for their new looks.  The only way to get noticed is to be more outlandish than the competition.  The louder the better.

What I saw the Oregon Ducks wearing last night was so incredibly annoying I had to stand up and make my views known.  For a few years now they have showcased their teams, admittedly a very talented bunch, in a “never the same two times in a year” set of uniforms that I think could be described as “Gonzo Duck.”  Perhaps “Garanimals on Acid” would be more accurate.

It believe this must be a type of marketing scheme; a way to get more fans to buy more new apparel.  There is always a profit making reason for this much effort; otherwise it wouldn’t be worth the cost to dress up a team in outfits that evoke images of Howard the Duck mashed up with the Transformers.

This approach to style makes me yearn for the classics that much more.  Alabama is tried and true and I find their Crimson Tide not boring in the least.  When I see Penn State on the football field I instantly recognize them.  Notre Dame, although I personally cannot stand the fact so many people are on their bandwagon, has a classic look no one could argue against.

So, feel free to tell me.  Do you prefer college football’s classic uniforms, or do the constantly changing new looks excite you?

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2 Responses to The Oregon Ducks are out of control

  1. Panama says:

    Oregon received the opening kickoff and immediately took control of the game. It was never in doubt from the first snap, and the only question was whether or not Chip Kelly would pull back the reins and start running clock.

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