Six years and counting

It might seem a bit tardy, but I did want to acknowledge something that occurred recently that I had alluded to on June 30, 2006.

Nicole asked me about Anne Curry.  I made a few offhand remarks about her, in the context of the conversation we were having, only intending to get a few laughs out of it.

I had joked, in a very off-color way, using a horribly thick and thoroughly politically incorrect broken Chinese accented bad impersonation of Anne Curry that Matt Lauer would blame her for poor ratings and get her replaced.

Ironically enough, six years later that is exactly what happened.  No, I do not consider it another one of my prophetic statements coming true.  This is the type of thing I consider probable, likely.  For perhaps several reasons, women on television have had, and continue to have, precarious positions.  It certainly is the case for anyone in show business everywhere, but I believe, more difficult for women.

It seems there will always be people who have the power to do so that are anxious to replace the Jane Palleys of the world with Debra Norvilles.

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