Not sure if it is good or bad

I believe that most people’s attitudes towards things are often based on the primal need to understand and classify all things.  This has a historic basis, as it was necessary for survival and helped our ability to comprehend the world around us.

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts how I had been asked many years ago, “What do you see when you close your eyes?”  Since I had very little recollection of ever seeing anything, and had difficulty seeing things with my eyes closed at that time, I responded that I did not see much of anything at all.

Since I had been able to see some things when I focused very intently back in 1995 and 1996 I apparently awoke a latent ability to see things in “another world,” with some help, and discern messages about my future and everyone’s future.  I’ve also mentioned in this blogspace how I believe that after going through the ordeal of the last few years, and the struggle with aftereffects of Lyme disease, that I often see things when I close my eyes.

Last night, I had another brief episode, and due to the fact that my environment is mostly (but not entirely) conducive to this activity, I had a difficult time discerning what I was seeing.  The last part from last night was particularly frustrating and elusive as there were a few words, clearly present, in bold blue and white text.  However, they were reversed in mirror-image fashion and moved away quickly. 

I cannot consciously tell you what those words were but perhaps my sub-conscious was able to register what I saw.  On the other hand, as I have also mentioned here, perhaps my mind is still cleaning itself up, and what I saw was just another bit of detritus my mind is flushing out.

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