Hold on. Wait a minute.


I can tell it was not a good night.  It must have felt like you got pummeled.  I understand.  I can imagine what it felt like.

Some people would have to wonder why you even showed up at the Elle event for Women in Music.  However, I grew up in that environment: you keep showing up even when things are not going well because, on some level, you have to.  You are considered an important Woman in Music even though you really should be properly identified as the Curse of Deuteronomy and Revelations.  The Whore of Babylon, also known as Mystery.  There should be no mystery that you would appear at such an event.  There were more “fornications” to drink from there.

So, when I found out that your rival, a woman who deep down has wanted to flatten you as much as help you, Melody Thornton showed up “like really, really, like almost totally naked” it must have really felt bad.  How dare she try to upstage you and everyone else?  Where does she come off wearing that nothing-of-a-dress that left nothing to the imagination, to use an understatement?  How dare she do such a thing to undermine the memory, integrity and reputation of the Pussycat Hos?  I meant Dolls.

Not only that, you were once again put on the spot about Britney Spears.  Ouch!  Sorry to say but, as I said to you on June 30 2006 you obviously have a “bug up your ass” about Britney.  As obvious as Melody Thornton’s butt-crack was in that skimpy get-up.  That Britney will be making millions more than even Jennifer Lopez does on American Idol in “your old spot” must drive you insane.  The words you said the other night were as telling as the “not comfortable, not being on stage” slip you had back in Las Vegas in 2007.  Completely transparent: like Melody Thornton’s dress.

I can’t say I feel sorry for you but I do know what level of mortification you must have felt by the end of the night.  But let’s get real for a moment: you brought this on yourself, really.  You could have made a number of other choices a long time ago.  But you took too long and you should now know what “you reap what you sow” really means.

Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

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