Nicole, you were RIGHT about this much…

Dear Nicole,

Even with the passage of time there are some things about our conversation on June 30, 2006 that I have not forgotten.  Certain things are just too memorable to be dismissed.  I am certain we discussed this part, and since now is the proper time to address it, I will respond to what you “thought might happen.”

During the part of the conversation where we discussed my “disappearances and abductions” we went over the episode where I extracted the alien implant while I was an undergraduate at California.  You indicated I might find some other foreign body in my ear lobe and that this also could be something off-world beings placed within my body.  I described what this would look like; like a small grain of rice but smooth and dark black.

I can now confirm what you somehow were able to discern previous to June 30, 2006 was in fact found in my right ear lobe recently.  I looked exactly as I imagined it.  However, considering my previous experience at Cowell Hospital in the mid-1980’s I decided not to bring the tiny object to any kind of medical facility and just let it wash down the drain.

Thank you for preparing me for this strange moment.

You can go back doing “you know what” now.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom.  I know you’re out there somewhere.

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