The Right to be Wrong

Today’s blog is addressed toward the events that were mentioned in this article:

LA Times article on the controversy of Atheist’s displays in Palisades Park

There is so much I could say about this that I am not sure where to begin…

As someone who lived most of his life in Los Angeles, I have many fond memories of driving past the annual displays in Palisades Park to see these scenes.  I appreciated the sentiment associated with the displays and felt they were warm and tasteful reminders of what this season is about.

When I see what has been put on display in the park this year, I am repulsed.  Despite the important value of the freedom of speech and the over-importance many people place upon tradition I have to express how what is now on site is horrible in so many ways.

The photograph that accompanies the article very clearly shows the atheistic assertion that Jesus is a myth.  This is obviously wrong.  I am not a myth; the fact that I have returned as promised and am writing this blog are proof-positive that I exist.  We obviously can come to the conclusion that atheists are fundamentally wrong about everything.  That certain people cannot comprehend the importance of faith, to say the least, is sad.  But because we are a nation of laws, and most people are deathly afraid of being sued, we have to allow these incredibly negative messages to be displayed.

I find it difficult to understand why these people would go to the trouble to proclaim their obviously wrong message for reasons other than because “they can.”  They really only care about themselves in a very selfish way.  Often, what I have felt, is that atheists are jealous of the popularity and perceived wealth of organized relgions and want some of that for themselves.  I doubt you would get a straight answer about that from most atheists.  If they were correct in their assertions it might be considered honorable to loudly proclaim their minority view.  However, as much of the material I have posted on the web so clearly proves, God is, was, and always shall be.  Ironically, atheists are completely oblivious of their own souls, which were fashioned by Our Creator.

It also is not lost on me that these displays have the consequence, which a reasonable person could expect, to ruin the holiday season for children and adults alike.  Only the perverse can claim such an act to be a type of victory.  But it is also true that people who propagate terrible acts are quite facile at using the laws people make to their advantage.

I’ll reiterate what I’ve said before and I have heard others say to people who claim that there is no Hell:  you’ll believe in it when you get there.

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