Still Crazy After All These Years


Oregon beat Stanford.  I might be able to think clearly again.

I know I write a lot of strange things in this blogspace.  Things that are strange, but true.  Things that are very difficult to comprehend.  Things that, when accepted, will shatter your perception of reality.  Things that according to my stats, hardly anyone reads at all.

I am very turned off by television.  There are some people who are like me in this reagrd, people that other people try to disparage by calling them “conspiracy theorists” or other similar negative epithets, that “listen between the lines” while in front of the TV to figure out what is really true.  Sorry people; I know many of you don’t want to accept the world is such a scary place, but it is.  Three months after I was born, the President of the United States was killed and the rest of us were forced to accept a horrible lie about what happened.  There are stories like that, every day, all around us.  There is no way to simplify this world to make it more digestible.  It is in many ways, a terrible place.

Most of what I see on TV is so obviously bogus to me I find it disturbing in the extreme.  Yes, the Internet is also filled with lies.  I have attempted in this space and on my YouTube channel to express some things you might not be aware of.  It is amazing, but not surprising, how often I am met with very hostile responses from ignorant people.

Even though some of the most popular people in the media are some of the most wicked people you could imagine, people whose secrets would make your head spin, one of the most disturbing things I have had to witness is hearing “Stanford” and “national championship” used in the same sentence repeatedly for months now.  I went to Cal.  Stanford is the enemy.  I was, in some strange way I can only joke about, a part of the Miracle at Memorial in 1982.  Stanford cannot be #1 in my book.  My life is difficult enough as it is.  Sorry if that seems too callous.  But remember; I’ve been waiting for Cal to get back to Rose Bowl for about three decades.  That’s one favor God hasn’t granted to me yet.

So I want to give many thanks to the University of Oregon Ducks for making my life a bit easier, at least for today.

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