Another fiction stranger than truth

A few decades ago when the Republicans in the United States had become a resurgent political force in the United States,  two of their leading politicians were close friends.  Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich were two of the most respected members of their political party people could remember.  Eventually, the minor differences in their approach to issues made them less than cordial. After some time passed, they had a falling out and the two of them began to “diss” each other publicly.

After a successful political rally in Las Vegas Mr. Gingrich planned on attending a dinner party and Suge Knight agreed to give him a ride. While Suge Knight’s car was stopped at a traffic light, a group of young men stopped their car beside them and fired several shots into the vehicle. Suge Knight was able to drive the two of them to a hospital where television reporters told viewing audiences that Newt Gingrich had been shot but his injuries were not considered to be life-threatening and he was expected to make a full recovery. A few days after that, Newt died.

A few months later, Ronald Regan was leaving a lavish party held for a large group of his old show business friends at the Petersen Auto Museum. A Chevrolet Impala with two young black men, two of Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale’s (Napoleon from Outlawz) younger brothers, stop near Ronald Regan. Kamil Beale, seated in the passenger seat and wearing a baby blue suit, shot Ronald Regan several times with armor-piercing bullets. Just a few moments after that, they caught up to me at the corner of Burnside and Wilshire and Kamil shot me, point-blank in the back and the ass. The bullets did not go through my body.

The following day, two members of the LAPD questioned me about the two men I saw in the car the previous night. I told them everything I saw, nothing I did not, and showed them two of my three wounds. Because the LAPD could not put a case together based on my eye-witness account and those of about forty other people, Kamil was crawling up my ass for over a decade after that.

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