Geek Factor 10. Engage.

I am aware that my posts have not received many views, and for that matter neither have my YouTube videos.  I still want to reach out to the rest of the World and let them know what is going on. I have lost most of my desire to make more videos; primarily because I think my videos have become repetitive, and to a large extent, my videos have been met with hostile reactions.  There are a myriad of reasons for it, but to me, it is just another way I relive Book of John, Chapter 10 every day.

To anyone who has read my published material you would know that I have frequently referenced a phone call I had with Nicole Scherzinger on June 30, 2006.  To those who are not quite sure what to make of that, they might believe I have a fixation or at least an obsessive fascination with her.  That only captures a small part of it.  It is much more about how all the things I prophesied on that day, from the miraculous to the mundane, have come to pass.  This post is about one of the more mundane aspects of something I mentioned on that day.

At one point I made some jokes about what I call “Geek Factor 10.”  Computers and networking have become ubiquitous and mainstream parts of our lives; it was not so long ago that just about everything having to do with digital computing was considered nerdy and geeky.  I have been fond of computing for a long time and in the aforementioned conversation I acknowledged that fact and how I often found my bliss using and working on computers.  At times in the past I would be doing so much that I reached that point I called Geek Factor 10, a reference to Star Trek (which is its own form of “geekdom”).

Recently, I purchased a refurbished desktop computer and a new LED monitor.  I reformatted the hard drive with Fedora 15 (that’s Linux, baby) and have been using that machine since.  The Vista laptop has shown serious signs of wear and tear and I want to put that into “semi-retirement” to extend its useful life.  A desktop machine is much more suitable for my needs as I attempt to get back into the working mainstream and do what it is I’ve done when I’m not explaining Scripture, Saving the World, being a good example, receiving visions, making accurate prophecy, waiting for the World to end, and predicting Holy changes to everyone’s books.  The other day I got elbow-deep in the changeover from one computer to the other and I felt I had reached Geek Factor 10 again like I had not in several years.  And it was good.

Just to add a layer of icing on it, I have added the functionality to this blog to simultaneously publicize on Facebook and Twitter even though I know my audience there is also quite small.  I’m not hiding, folks.  I’ve been at it for years.  Had you really tried you could have found me and spread the word long ago.  Nothing is stopping you from doing it now.

So, Geek Factor 10.  Engage.

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