And Their Paralyzin’ Venom

For some of you, today marks the halfway point of the year…

For me, on some level, this is the day I expect to die.  Maybe not this year; maybe it will be next year.  Considering how many bad things have happened on this day, several times over the years, it would make sense I would die on June 29.  Some of you think I could live forever; I wouldn’t bet on that if I were you.

This is the day Jesus doesn’t take the wheel, if I can avoid it.  The car accident on Fountain, that I’ve described in an earlier post, was nearly catastrophic.  My knee had to be reconstructed because of that.  But I will walk, thank you, if I need to go someplace today.  However, since everyone that could have helped did not, I’m still without a valid driver’s license.  Perhaps if the courthouse I’m trying to reach had more than two, two-hour windows of operation a day I would have a better chance.  Just another reminder; the Messiah does not control everything.

If I was extremely superstitious, I wouldn’t even get out of bed today.  But even on a day like today I try to make the best of it, to make the most of it.  Deep inside though, just surviving today will always be considered an accomplishment.

Ask yourself; “Who is the real X-Factor?” and “Who really is: The Voice?”

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