Jesus vs the Imams

I have mentioned it before how some people are so wrong about God.  I have no issues with Islam and definitely have no issues with the Prophet Muhammad.  The twisted Revolutionary Guard and the bizarre mullahs who have followed the footsteps of the most abhorrent one, Khomeini, are so off the mark again I feel the need to comment on the latest news I have read from the backwards country that has had a profound effect on the world.

Guardian Article on Developments in Iran

I wear necklaces.  Although I sometimes overdo it, I have reasons to wear them besides just decorating myself.  The same could be said of my bracelets.  Obviously, this regime has been afraid of free and rational thought for a long time.  I have for many years done things that subtly remind people I oppose everything that the lunatic Khomeini taught: I plan on wearing a few extra necklaces now just to make my statement for all who see me.

Dogs.  Where would I be without dogs?  To me dogs are a better example of unconditional love than any person who ever used the term.  I can honestly say, and take the pun here as you want, my best relationships in life have been with dogs.  Sorry if that offends anyone but no person ever made me feel as good as some dogs have.  If I could afford to keep them I would.  I honestly believe that I will have time in Heaven where all my companions will be dogs.  Yes; I prefer dogs to virgins.

I wear shorts.  I wore shorts today and I will wear shorts tomorrow.  Probably the day after that, too.  Only bizarre theocrats can believe I am decadent because of that.

My head hair is usually shaven close to the scalp.  If that is considered a decadent hairstyle, although I don’t see it that way at all, then so be it.  The Ayatollah can suck an egg, for all I care.

Feel free to leave your comments.

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