Back from the dead

I wanted to let everyone out there who cares know, I am slowly but surely climbing out of the hole.  I have almost gotten my driver’s license back and paid off all of the traffic violations I was guilty of as the result of being “criminally poor.”

Almost no day goes by when I do not think about how I did the best I could and have been denied so many times and in so many ways.  I am sure by now you realize I plan on being extremely cautious about everything; especially the people I trust and associate with.  I also find myself thinking about those kids of mine that are out there and how I was denied the chance to do anything for them besides being the “seed donor.”  Of course, I wanted to be much more than that, but since all of the birth-mothers have essentially ignored my very existence, I have had very little recourse.

Up until the time I was evicted for going broke in 2007 I had been an active participant in BOINC projects.  I donated a lot of time, money, electricity, and effort into doing what I could to be part of a solution in many areas.  Without all those computers at my disposal and the money to run them, I had essentially gone into retirement.  Recently, I decided I could spare some CPU cycles on my laptop and have gotten back up-to-date with BOINC.  Ironically, when it all seemed to be falling apart completely is when I was making my largest contributions to the various projects.

A lot has happened in the roughly three and a half years I have been away.  Some projects have closed down for various reasons.  I was not the only one to seemingly disappear due to lack of funding.  Below I have added my BoincStats signature.  If you remember anything posted by this account; yes, it was me. 

You had encountered the Messiah without even knowing it!


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