The Lost Decade – Part Two – To Fight or Not To Fight

This blog entry is focused on a part of the aftermath after leaving the house on Canton Drive.  Some people who are familiar with what happened back in 1995-96 might ask: why didn’t I sue Maxine Sonnenburg, my half-brother’s step mother?  If she was so intent on utilizing my patent (D 336,800) against my wishes, besides grossly interfering with everything else I was attempting to accomplish, should I have responded by blocking her company from producing and selling the remote controller caddy?

Truthfully, I was very interested in filing a lawsuit to stop her company.  I had gathered evidence that Sound and Sight was using my patent illegally.  Despite my early admonition to “make peace with enemies” I do not expect people to submit to those who oppress you and every single juncture.  I never wanted to go into business with her.  Despite her intelligence and vigorous energy I also considered her to be unstable, vindictive, and capricious.  Untrustworthy, to put it mildly.  I would not recommend that you get involved with anyone who fits that description.

Keep in mind that I warned her, and made it as clear as possible during what I call “the meeting of false pretenses” that if she pursued her course of developing this product without my consent both of her parents would die within a year.  Since their deaths had occurred, on some level I felt she got what she deserved.

However, because she still persisted and had enlisted the help of Danielle Burgio, Jennifer Ord’s Dad, and others I had plenty of resentments against, I was still prepared to go to court to stop her.  Unfortunately, it takes money to sue people: up front or contingently.  I had no money to do so at the time and could not find anyone who could tell me they would take this case on a contingency basis.  In many ways I was up the creek without a paddle. Most people advised me to just leave it alone, that I had moved out in time, but without enforcing my rights I may have possibly relinquished them once and for all.

Considering I also moved out “just in time” for Tupak to be killed also caused me tremendous anguish.  I knew Chris would be killed if I did nothing to prevent it.  The tragedy of Flight 800 was a constant reminder that things were not going at all they way I wanted.  I also had the tremendous burden of making sure the terrible, oppressive aliens were stopped after they had abducted me a few more times and our old cat.  I was very much alone.

I had more than enough reasons to suffer a mental breakdown.

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