Would you be suspicious?

I posted another ad the other day on Craigslist. It was removed within 15 minutes. I hardly find it offensive in any way. It was in the least restrictive section, as far as I know. The ad was about my blog and about the video I made about kitties. Something I would imagine would be innocuous compared to others, but it got removed really quickly.
Just to get a bit of reference, I read some of the other ads. I think some of the ads that were present there were MUCH more objectionable than mine, including a picture of a naked man, fully erect, looking for sex with “women of color.” My ad had a picture of a cat on my car. Could someone rationally explain why my ads get flagged but ads like the one I mentioned stay on the site?
My first reaction is YOU ALL HATE ME FOR BEING ME, but I am sure you can come up with something that sounds better in your head.
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