Ass-backward Jesus

shared on August 18, 2010

At one point in my life, it all made more sense.

Now, because all of the people, places, and things that owe their existence to me have failed to do what would have been necessary to help me, I am forced to do things backwards.  You could also say I live in a surreal, pretzel-logic world now.

When I was a teenager I did the following in the right order.

Got a driver’s license
Bought a car
Got car insurance

Now that I am struggling to pull myself out of the hole so many people kicked me into (or least did nothing for me as I fell) I am doing things in this order:

I have obtained car insurance
I am in the process of retitling my car so I can register it
Get the car fixed so it is street legal
Paying off the fines I received for being criminally poor in Los Angeles and attending my shape-shifter Daddy’s funeral
Then, soon after that, I will have a driver’s license again.


I still LOVE YOU!!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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