Lightning Rod Jesus

put out there, again, on June 15, 2010

He had many names. 


King of Kings

Touchdown Jesus

Butter Jesus

I dubbed him Lightning Rod Jesus on June 30, 2006.  A sign?  Maybe.  Because these things are often strange and mysterious we might never know.  Inevitable?  Certainly; I explained that the large metal frame, covered by flammable/combustible material near water made for a very effective lightning rod.  It really was a matter of time.  True Believers would NOT rebuild such a hazardous monstrosity.

What did I say almost four years ago?

“That’s the one, isn’t it?  That’s the one that’s going to be struck by lightning.”

Believe me or don’t.  Don’t expect NicHo will ever give you a straight answer.

Or is it really proof of “arriving in the clouds.”  AGAIN!!!

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