How to be God

contributed June 30, 2010

Let me direct you…

You are God.

You have inspired prophets for millenia.

You have performed countless miracles since you created the Universe.

Most people on earth hate you, ignore you, or claim you don’t exist…

Two thousand years ago you opened the sky and shook the ground when your champion was killed.

You send your champion back and most everyone ignores him or tries to kill him.  He keeps telling everyone how great you are.

You put words in his mouth to foretell MORE miraculous changes in COUNTLESS written texts than occurred in the previous decade.  You let him summon your finger as he predicted he could many years before.   You provide him extraordinary proof of miracles.  More people try to kill him. 

No one explicitly reports these miraculous changes after they occur exactly as your champion predicted.  Apparently so few people actually read and remember these texts they are unaware of the texts being changed.


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