Even Further Review

added on June 12, 2010

I do not doubt God.  I have never had a reason to doubt God.  The rest of the world doubts God.  It really is sad.

I had declared already that the King James Version is invalid.   Let me explain it again. According to a King James Version, new in a bookstore, it has not changed exactly as I said.  Genesis Chapter 6, verse 4 is augmented as I said.  Deuteronomy 30 reads consistently as I described.  However, Genesis Chapter 2, verse 24 still says “cleaves” and not “clings” as it should.

I declared the clarification of marriage, that which is a blessing from our Creator, as man and woman ONLY.  Other marriages are not sanctified by our Lord.

Sorry, King James. Two out of three is not good enough.

When God makes a change He means it.  He does not change His mind.  Defying Him is pointless and futile.  I do not care how many people do it.  They are wrong.

Rabbis in Hawaii that argue in favor of civil unions are skating on thin ice, to put it mildly.

So sayeth the Lord.


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