Victoria’s Birthday

especially for May 14, 2010

Victoria, if she is still out there somewhere, turns 32 today.

The video I posted recently, which I said would be my most favorite of all time, has reached the third position in total views.  Frankly, I thought it would be number one by the end of this week.  Not that such a prediction matters much in the “big picture” but there has been some keen interest in it.  It has had more views in a day, or by average, than the others but has not taken the number one spot in views, overall.  So I do not claim to be correct, at least not yet.

I am working on some others, but to be truthful, it does seem to be a bit of an excercise in futility because almost no one watches them.  Kinda like saving all of you has been.

I made a CD for Victoria back in 2004, which I entitled “Victoria’s Birthday” that had a long list of songs that were about her and us.  There were a lot of clues in it.  Our relationship ended soon after that.  Mostly because she turned me into a quadriplegic in bed, temporarily, and would not talk to me about it afterward.

The end came when I took her out to talk because she told me she was really depressed.  She told me, for some strange reason, that I lie about everything and I don’t have any friends, only online friends.

If she was a guy I would have punched her for that.  Those are fighting words, as far as I am concerned especially from someone who made dating seem like an unending appointment at the dentist.

Remember Turakian Bitch and watch the video.  About as lame, stubborn, and an ungrateful a person that ever lived.  Perhaps it is because her mother is Bible-thumper Satan Bitch Khomeini.  But let’s not blame everything on our Mom’s now, okay?

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her drink.

You can lead a whore to Walter but you can’t make her think.

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