puh puh puh Poke Her Face

posted May 15, 2010

I know it really seems trivial, but since none of you have been required to listen to everything I said to Nicole on June 30, 2006 there was something else that might interest you.

She said, “I like Phil Ivey!”  This was after I had given a bit of “my book” on other players on the Professional Poker Tour.

“Nicole!   Why do you like Phil Ivey so much, hmmmm?  What are you trying to tell me about Phil Ivey, hmmmm?”

And I eventually got to, “Final Answer.  Phil Ivey might be cat people.”

I am now willing to go on record, with an update;

There is a very, very, very, strong possibility that Phil Ivey is Pussycat People.

Just in case you think I forgot.

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