Dear PCD

added on May 12, 2010

Live by the sword swallower, die by the sword swallower, huh?  Anyway…

Do me a favor.  I know you haven’t done me any yet but I thought I would ask just the same.  It has gotten to the point where I don’t really trust anyone anymore and I have sworn off women completely.  However, I have encountered someone new.

She is like that poor homeless, almost completely out of her mind, French American girl, Isis.   I think Nicole mentioned her back on June 30, 2006.  Could you please ask someone to tell someone, to ask someone to tell someone, to ask Nicole to ask one of her shape-shifter, evil, violator of Deuteronomy 18 friends, if this is a “you’re gonna like her” girl or a “you’re gonna have sex with her” girl.  You know, the same evil people that knew about Cyclone Nargis way ahead of time.

I remember predicting God’s Finger in the sky

The visit from Muhammad
The Glowing Beads
Surviving Back to Basics
and the Bible changing a few more times.

A lot of what Nicole said has slipped my mind.  Anyway…

And while you’re at it, ask someone to tell someone, to ask someone to tell someone, to tell Penelope Cruz that the rumor about her predicting she was going to have sex with Benjamin quien es Jesus, el R 13 y Chupacabra numero uno es una idea mas estupida.  Como todos ustedes estupidas en California.  Tell Penelope I stand by what some of my friends said about her many years before.

“She is not the sharpest nail in the bucket.”

I am glad Nicole’s album was not released.  I take some credit for that.  Tell Nicole, or ask someone etc., that I am now armed.  I will kill her as easily as Jesus slew enemy combatants in “Last Temptation of Christ” because she likes movies so much.

I have bigger fish to fry now.  I am focused on sabotaging Xtina Gagulera’s life because she really blew it.  The irony of that is Xtina is smaller than Nicole.  Get it?

I heard she went on Oprah.   I take it, since she has a song out about “carpet munching” coming out, Oprah wanted to talk to her first hand.  Xtina is obviously too big a deal for Jane Velez Mitchell, another carpet munching doughnut bumper.

So sorry folks.  My enemies too often fall into the gay, lesbian, bisexual, curious and transsexual categories.  I try not to be prejudiced against them but these people made their compatriots look bad.  Not me.

But take heart; Alicia Christian Jodie Foster is the Anti-Christ and will always be my worst arch-enemy.  You cannot take that away from her.

Ok, good!

P.S.  Please tell Sir Elton John he can take that “I believe Jesus was Gay” concept and shove it up his ass along with everything else he likes to shove up his ass.  He can suck my dick…IN HIS DREAMS!


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