My Dick Is Not Big Enough For Nicole

added on April 11, 2010

Tell me if you have ever heard a more disgusting revelation in your life?

I got a clue about this from the Archangel Gabriel when he spoke to me from Dennis Prager’s body.  I begged him to be quiet.   This line of inquiry was embarrassing for me and should be to all of you.

“Do you know where to buy such a device?”

Even if I did, what makes anyone think I would want to put such a thing on myself to pleasure someone that deserves to die?

On June 30, 2006 she has the incomprehensible audacity to tell me that is exactly what she wants me to do.

What a disgusting nightmare she and all her friends made my life into.  Can you even comprehend my anguish?

If she ever had a chance at me I would obviously tell her she needs to have her cooter taken in a yard to correct her mistakes.

Sorry, folks.  I know that is some really blunt and vulgar language but if you really want to know the truth, that is it!

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