If it was MY network

created on April 4, 2010

If the Internet was my network I would be very upset.   It does not belong to me and it certainly resembles a monstrosity created by committee.

It is amazing in many ways.   It has been a creation far beyond its original intent.   Many people think they have a right to it, to use it, like the airwaves as if it is a fundamental human right.   I try to understand that but I find it hard to fathom.   Why do so many people want something for free even though it costs a lot of money?

The IP protocol version 4 only allows for a little over four billion (four times a thousand times a thousand times a thousand) connections total. Every IP enabled phone, every server, every TiVo box, every laptop needs an address to connect.   In some countries many people use several of these addresses. Do the math…

What is now known as IP version 6, which I recommended in the mid-1990’s is available.   It will handle many more addresses.  About one IP address for every atom on Planet Earth.   But not every server, laptop, desktop computer and so on has the necessary operating system installed, let alone is configured for it.  The requisite interconnecting hardware is not in place throughout the world.  Now you see where the difficulty lies.

We are attempting throughout the world to scale up the ability of our virtual/alternate reality to keep up with the demands of our reality.   We are lagging behind.

When I notice what the bandwidth is being used for it gets even more disturbing.   Porn, gossip, spreading lies, spreading hate, spreading viruses, hacking, and many other types of hurtful activity.

I have not changed my mind from 6/30/06.   More bad than good has come out of this thing that looks like it was designed, built, and maintained by horny teenagers.

How much longer do you think it will last if we keep going in this direction?

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