You Might Want To Know

from the blog on March 5, 2010


There is something I want to share today…

About a year ago I was waiting in line for lunch with the other homeless and hungry in Venice, CA.  I am sure that many people think all those people are crazy, untrustworthy, stupid, on drugs and so on.  How does that make them any different from the rest of the population?


I was talking to someone there, who seemed to know quite a bit about the things I have encountered and studied in my spare time.  He mentioned something about the “Ides of March.”  Those of us who have read “Julius Caesar” and studied the lore understand that March 15th is Ides of March.  This fellow told me that the 15th is not the correct date.  He said the real date is the 11th.  The numerals for “1” resemble the letter “I.”  The two 1’s would be interpreted as two letter I’s.  Two I’s are homonyms for “eyes.”  Therefore, this day when “evil is let loose” is in fact March 11th and not 15th.

It occurred to me that sometimes things get mistranslated or are changed over time and obscure the truth.  Also, I know several hundred years ago the Church officially changed the calendar to add extra days.  It also reminded me of a vision I had about a year before I spoke with this man that had a prominent 3 large shapes in it and then two eyes stared back at me.  The 3 and the two eyes then seemed to have yet another interpretation:  3-11.

Conclusion:  The Ides of March are in fact on March 11th and not the 15th.

What do you think?

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