Go To Hell, Neil Diamond

posted the first time on March 6, 2010

I bought your disc.

I could only listen to it a couple of times.  People who really do know me know we are related.   However, considering it is only by marriage and not blood and you have avoided me all these years, I disavow our relationship and condemn you to Hell.

Nicole’s jokes on 6/30/06 about being you, but it would be spelled Kneel Diamond, were really disgusting.  While I was being continually harassed in MDR I burned my cap with your name on it.  Just to make it clear that I had not changed my mind in rejecting her and that the other girls on the list were running out of time.

You will burn like that cap did.  I do not care who has tried to assure you that you would make it into Heaven.  You could have found me all these years but you did not.  Did you think any of the possible females would have done the right thing by me?   Did you think I would forgive you after one of them lifted a finger to make me happy?  You think they had more opportunities or better reasons to help me than you did?   You will be taking a detour to put it euphemistically.  Nothing equals nothing and in the biggest picture you are a FAILURE.

Congratulations on being such an epic asshole.

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