put up on March 10, 2010

On June 30, 2006 I said the quality that best describes Krishna is acceptance.

He was the owner and possessor of all opulences.  No matter how much he could have shared, he received in excess to that which he shared.

I could have also received far more than I gave away but you refused me again and again.  I have now lost more than I can get back.  A frightful amount of deficit that the rest of you are responsible for.  Failure was not an option; and yet that is what you did.  It is astonishing to me, this unwillingness and inability to share.

Many years ago I said I was willing to accept…

The Rebbe’s tefilin, if you would let me have them.
The saintly Noahide robes of John Paul II, if you would let me have them.
The Qur’an Saddam left behind, if you would let me have it.

Now I don’t even have the space for all the things that were in my old apartment or what had made it into my old storage space.

It is not nice to tease Jesus Krishna!


I saved you.  You starved me.


It is not okay.  There will be consequences.

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