Weather Manipulation

on February 25, 2010
Is it really that hard to fathom? 

People have been trying to influence the weather as long as there have been people.  Praying for rain and praying for sunshine.  Rain dancing.  Making all types of sacrifices.  It has been going on with casual types of activity and more focused projects.

The largest and richest nations have asked scientists to do something about the weather.  Cloud seeding programs and storm dissipating programs have been attempted for decades.  Collectively, we have altered just about everything on this planet that has some affect on the weather.  Many of the largest forests on Earth have been cut and cleared.  A significant portion of the world has been paved over with asphalt and concrete.   Mountain tops cut off and landscape managed.   Have you seen our ocean’s garbage patches?

Do you really think NONE of this activity has had an affect?  Get your head out of the sand!  We might be minor in comparison to the power of the Earth but the “experimentation” does have consequences.  Pretending we have done NOTHING to affect our environment is to ignore the obvious.

But I am used to how people ignore the obvious.  And yes, one enormous volcanic eruption could cancel out all we have done wrong to the planet.

Think about that for a bit.

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