Stupid Things Neelam Vashi Said To Me (Circa 2006)

created January 29, 2010

I want you to meet my friend.
(she was referring to Nicole)

My uncle is sick.
(She was referring to Kamil)

We don’t care if you trim the tree.
(A clear violation of Marina Harbor’s rules)

Who’s Melissa?
(Oblivious of Kamil’s relationship with the daughter of my previous building’s manager)

He gave him the gun.
(Why Suge Knight is responsible for Kamil killing Biggie and shooting me)

My parents are from India.
I asked what part of India?
BZZZZT! no answer

I love my fish.
I asked what kind of fish do you have?
BZZZZT! no answer.

I need that.

Thanks, Ben.

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