Let’s set the record straight

shared on January 5, 2010

Even though there are many things you cannot believe on the Internet, just as some books are not accurate, there are some sources on the Internet that you should find reliable.



You MUST get his date of birth correct.  He was born on May 19, 1900.

How is it possible that you cannot even get that correct?  Why should anything else in this page be believed?  How can this lunatic’s birthday be in dispute?  How can you expect people to understand the truth?

You must make this correction.

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One Response to Let’s set the record straight

  1. The Messiah says:

    If you go to that site you might notice an inconsistency regarding the date of birth. Three citations for the birthday of 1902. However, the “family tree” section has him born in 1900. Believe THAT part.

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