If we really want to get poetic

recorded December 9, 2009

My sister (Leora the Arielist Satan Bitch Khomeini) is parasitically trying to lay my invalid aunt to rest.  She has told me my aunt’s lawyer has thrown her out, but of course, she keeps going back.  She has a lot of legal things going on there.  She tells me it’s not about the money.

She told me some questionable details about what the Trustee wrote to her.  This pinhead has not distributed any funds to us yet from my Dad’s/parent’s trust.  My sister plans to seek revenge against my step mom (for all intents and purposes) when she gets some money.

This is what I would like to see happen.   My sister gets some money when my aunt dies and on the return flight the plane crashes into Ruhollah Khomeini’s former residence in France.

It would be perfect.

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