Radha, You Are NOT Perfect.

was this also on October 28, 2009?

You were supposed to be Queen of Devotees.

Where did you go?

None of my instructions were followed.  None of the absolute minimum requirements have been met.

Where is Lakshmi and my damned opulence?  You are BOTH frauds.  I have no place for either of you in my life.

Let me tell you what it means to be a living God.

People tell you that you are crazy.
People try to kill you.
You get no help but are expected to do the impossible.
A false sense of privacy is the best you can hope for.
Rejection after rejection.
Even when you attempt to coerce people, they do not follow.
You receive plots against you.
Resistance from the foolish.
Empty words.
Bizarre gestures and disingenuous requests for forgiveness.
Never tell anyone you are a goddess.

Unless you want them to mock you.

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