Hear Me, California!

still on the same day: October 28, 2009

Jesus hates you, Cali!
Going back?
I don’t think so.
You are the land of bad memories.
No love.
No respect.
No respect.
No respect.
And disease.
Bad memories.

Too Late To Apologize.
It doesn’t pay
It doesn’t pay
It doesn’t pay
It doesn’t pay
It doesn’t pay

Dr. Schuller got to see Jesus, whom his statues were based on.  The geese incident.  I did not assault him, but he was no help.  That cathedral will fall.

Cardinal Mahony got to see Jesus in person, too.  Christ Jesus broke open Scripture and gave him bread, even though he didn’t deserve it.

The land of Victoria.
Who didn’t do what the Messiah told her must get done soon.
She has a weird birthmark and overweight titties.
Worship her!
Because Enrique Iglesias thinks she’s Guadalupe.

Who didn’t do shit for me.
And can’t even run her own house.

What about the ORANGE MAN?
Ask Gwen Stefani.
A Tragic Kingdom.
No Doubt.

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