Open Letter to Medusahead Vashi

posted September 29, 2009

Dear Neelam,

Have you spent much time sucking Puffy’s dick?  Have you let him up your Hershey Highway?  Are you really only into Z?  That’s amazing.  You really should be screwing Puffy…

1.  He’s very “cat.” Like Nicole.

2.  Thanks to his “nothing” aka “not obstructing justice” in the death of Chris Wallace, your old boyfriend was allowed to go free, to do whatever he wanted: you, Melissa Leivers, harass me, get it on with whomever.  You really should be thanking Puffy for the fact Kamil was allowed to roam loose.

3.  He’s even more popular than Z.  Black people in America listen to what Beyonce and Puffy have to say.  Even more than Z.

4.  Puffy is even lustier than Z.  I don’t know; you know the answer better than I do to this one.

5.  Like we said in the lobby.  “what works for them, right?”

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