Oh, no. No reason to be paranoid.

I received the envelope from the California DMV.  Let’s just say that the envelope was open and that did not put my mind at ease.

There was no new pink slip inside.  My request was denied because they say I still owe them some money.  As far as I was aware I had paid all the citations I was responsible for.  All of them except two that went to collections, that should not be in the system anymore, and one that has a bench warrant.  The amount they quote me must fit in there somewhere.  It’s just a small amount of money I don’t have.  They did cash the check I sent them even though they did not issue my title.  If only there was a way to TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT THIS but I cannot get through to anyone.

I wonder how much time C*ntina F*ckulera leaves my son alone with that fucking freak Chaz?
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