Medical Update

posted April 10, 2009

The X-Rays came back negative.

No broken bones or fractures. My right foot is still a swollen, draining mess. How it got so infected is a mystery: my “famous” athlete’s foot is probably most to blame. The internal bleeding was extensive. Hard to tell with all the swelling but apparently a broken blood vessel and multiple dislocation. Maybe if someone really cared I would have a decent place to recuperate.

So I ask myself…

Is Christina Aguilera retarded or is Jordan Bratman evil? We almost never accuse WOMEN of being evil even though I could give you so many examples. LIKE MY SISTER!

The last time I went by their house I heard the “click click click” that sounded like the hammer of a handgun. That was not a very welcome sound. I defend my actions: I have been under attack since I was very young.


THERE WOULD NOT BE A RADHA IF NOT FOR JESUS KRISHNA nor any of the other people, places, and things you take for granted.


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