Dear Monster Box

posted March 27, 2009

I still find it hard to believe you could, in all seriousness, tell me you want me to put a sheath on my dick before you ever had sex with me. Good thing Gabriel warned me about this in front of Rabbi Telushkin.

I may know were to buy such a device but I don’t want to buy such a device. I never showed you my dick. I never dropped my jeans and expected you to drop to your knees. You are supposed to drop to your knees anyway because I AM THE MESSIAH. All of the people, places and things you take for granted exist because of me.

Krishna is the Supreme Personality and cause of all causes. I am Jesus Krishna the Savior of this planet and Reaper of hostile alien lifeforms. The first holy edit to the Book of Daniel proved that, you whore.

Who is protecting Neelam Vashi now?

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