Things I Have Lost

posted March 8, 2009

1. A Sony CD Player. Taken from my apartment in Marina Harbor. I was swapping CD’s in my car, because I had not gotten the stereo yet, when Steve Fossett and friends rolled up on me outside Hoover Dam. Little sentimental value, significant prop in the story.

2. Orange lens X Factor work goggles. Was wearing them when the Succubus surprised me outside the liquor store in the Marina. Little sentimental value, tremendous plot significance.

3. Sunglasses bought at Pismo Beach after buying pith helmet from SBK hat lady. Great sentimental value.

4. My own place to live. Crucial to mental health. Lost due to cutting myself off and no one executed a plan to help. Lost trust in everyone else with that screw up.

5. Black car. Mysteriously returned.

6. Peace of mind. Not seen in almost two years.

7. Good eyesight. Blinded by cruel world I have saved.

8. Privacy, or illusion of it. Lost somewhere around 1995.

9. Sanity, permanently damaged as of August of 2007.

10. Patience. Most valuable and hard-earned asset. No need to return it: it is lost forever.

11. Sobriety.  One thing God cannot restore by Himself.  Lost after over seven years unbroken, as she predicted, now over sixteen months of one day at a time.

Thanks, folks.
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