A Public Service Announcement

My name is Puffy Kitty.  I am pussycat peoples.  I am Amewican Woyalty.
I used to have a fwend.  His name is Kwis.  He got killed.  No one knows whut happened.  I can tell you.  He was kiwed by a man named Kamil, who shot Benjamin who is Jesus point bwank in the back and the ass.  I tink that is funny.
I did not want to do anyting becaws i wuz mor intwested in covewing my own ass and getting my fweak on.  I tink dat since he fowod Benajmin who is Jesus awound like Nicole did is funny.  I am Amewican Woyalty.  I am pussycat peoples.  I also wanted to get my fweak on wit Neewam if Jayzee is not to bizzy wiff her.  Like one big hip hop pono.
I hate Benjamin who is Jesus.  I kept hoping Kamil or Nicole would kill him alweady because it is all about the Benjamins, and I mean mine. I wanted to get my fweak on wit Nicole because I heard she is really good at sex of the mouf.  Even bedder dan Chwistina Aguiwewa an Awiwanna Huffingpuff.  I like getting my fweak on wit Nicole if she is not too busy with oder pussycat peoples.
I just heard a wooma dat Minnie Dwivu that is also pussycat peoples stole some of Benjamin who is Jesus’s man cweam and made herself pwegnant wiff it.  Isn dat funny?  I think dat was a good idea.  I don’t care if Scwiptures changed de way Benajmin who is Jesus sed dey wood.  I want him to die.
Excuse me.  I have to go do Ecstacee wiff Bwitney.  I am Amewican Woyalty and pussycat peoples.  
Pwess Wewind.
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